About Us

My name is Nodira and I was born and raised in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent. From an early age I loved to exercise and dance and I did it mostly in the open air, surrounded by nature. I think this is the reason why currently both sports and nature are my main sources of energy and motivation. Being very curious from birth I explored a variety of sports and one day I learned about yoga. It helped me to become mindful, more patient and conscious about myself. So naturally I fell in love with it and started practicing simple asanas. Being passionate about yoga I found it difficult to find sustainable yoga products that could help to progress my exercises.

There is how I decided to start-up a business where I can create beautiful yoga tools with unique Central Asian designs that won’t harm nature. I set myself a target that these goods should either be biodegradable or at least recyclable. However, this is not where it all ends. Just like learning a new sport (or asana) we will continuously explore opportunities to improve one step at a time. We strive to create yoga products that are not only high-quality and sustainable, but also hark back to our own roots with eye-catching designs.

This principle is two-fold; not only do we keep the designs of our Central-Asian background in place and do we support eco-charities, part of our profit will also be invested in supporting orphans from Uzbekistan to have a better life and education. After all, apart from our planet, children are our future! See you soon.



CEO Samarali