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Yoga mat bags

Are you looking for a yoga mat bag or a waterproof yoga bag made from natural materials? Then look no further. Our current selection of yoga bags is made from the naturally waterproof and renewable material cork. It is easy to clean, antimicrobial, and well, it just looks pretty.

Our yoga mat carry bags are made from cork, which is the naturally regrowing bark of the cork oak tree. After harvest, the bark regrows after a period of time, leaving the original tree intact. This makes cork a naturally renewable material.

Whether you are going for a long trip or just to the yoga studio, our yoga bags will make carrying your mat (along with anything else you might need) one less thing to worry about.

We are planning to expand our collection of bags with yoga bags made from organically produced cotton in the future. So, please keep checking our website or subscribe to our news.

For those who are looking for super comfy, eco-friendly, and at the same time water-proof bags, then check out our product pages for the yoga carry bag and the travel backpack.

As for the packaging, you can expect the usual from us; all our products are paper wrapped and shipped in paper-based packaging. Since we aim to minimize our carbon footprint, we constantly look for solutions to bring us to a carbon-neutral state. We, therefore, encourage you not to throw anything into the trash; everything (including the clothing itself) is perfectly recyclable.