Yoga and health are connected: if you have already practiced yoga or meditation in your life, you will have experienced the positive effects that these disciplines have on physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Well, it is possible to use this magnificent discipline in an even more complete and effective way, to create stable well-being and recover health, if we have lost it.

According to the ancient masters, the awareness of our deepest identity is written in each of us. When we live in connection with it, our whole being perceives a sense of completeness and satisfaction, which can give us back the strength and dynamism we need to live healthy. Being healthy means not only the absence of illness, but also strength, energy, and vitality in order to complete what we most desire.

Yoga and meditation help us do this: they bring our true identity back to the surface, create a solid bridge that leads us to the heart and soul, to live creatively, constructively, and courageously.

The most amazing teaching that comes to us from yoga is that concentrating the mind, recognizing our intention, and focusing it makes us more effective in achieving our goals – whether they improve physical fitness and psychological well-being, solve a specific health problem, overcome a block, find the energy to improve work or relationships and overcome all the daily challenges of life.

Through the practice of asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation, yoga leads on a path of awareness, leading to such profound self-knowledge that it allows us to balance and harmonize our whole system, making it balanced and recharged, to obtain a state of good health that lasts over time.

Mindfulness To Heal Your Body And Soul

As we mentioned above, there are innumerable self-healing techniques, but our opinion, none is comparable to mindfulness.

This is the only practice that allows you to connect with something superior to man.

You can greatly benefit from meditation as long as it is practiced consistently. For self-healing to be effective it is advisable to meditate daily, if you do not succeed, remember to practice it no less than three times a week.

The right time is in the evening, before going to sleep, perhaps after a gentle hatha yoga practice or alternatively you can do yoga in the morning and meditation in the evening. Meditation time varies from 10 to 12 minutes, at your leisure – it’s not like we’re going to rush through this, right? Just take your time and keep it simple; this way things will fall into place soon enough.