Why Practice Online In The First Place

Guest blog post by Julia –


At the moment many yoga studios around the world are closed due to the covid-19 lockdowns. Nevertheless, an online practice can be great for other reasons as well:

Online you can learn from teachers outside your town, without traveling the world. Hello, sustainable living.

You save on transportation time and hassle and easily sneak a class in after you got up or before you go to bed. Working from home? There are also teachers offering midday classes like Warrior Princess Yoga’s Office Yoga.

Practice in the comfort of your home. Have all the pillows and blankets ready and set the room temperature as you like it. And maybe even practice in your underwear or pyjamas. I am sure you can come up with some more things about why yoga at home is awesome.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Home Yoga Practice

Set The Space

Roll out your yoga mat in a nice, calm and clean place in your home or garden. If possible have a bit of space around you so you do not knock over any plants when you reach out your arms to the side. Have your props ready and maybe put some gentle background music and candles on to set the yoga mood.

Set Boundaries

Tell your family and housemates not to disturb you and to respect your me-time. Allow yourself this sacred time, know you need to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.

Leave Your Phone Outside

Minimize distractions. Keep your phone in another room; resisting the urge to check it while you practice.

Prioritize Your Practice

Set the time apart in your calendar and stick to the appointment with yourself!

Enjoy The Solitude

No temptations to check out other students’ alignments. Truly tune into yourself and enjoy the solitude.

Take It Easy

Just like in life, your practice might not go as planned. Embrace disruptions as part of your practice – just like in real life. Don’t be shy about taking options suggested by your teacher. Practice only what feels reasonable and safe for your abilities and energy level. If you are pregnant or have any health concerns, always check in with your doctor before your practice and tell your teacher (you should also always do that in real life!)
Do not take it too seriously, it is just yoga.

Take Your Savasana

Savasana is not just lying down. Some might even say it is the most challenging pose of all. Do not skip it. Set aside enough time, so you can stay for the full practice. Your teacher will design a complete practice, where poses will build upon and counterbalance each other. Show up on time and stay to the end, just like you would do in the studio too.

Yes, online yoga is not the same as a practice with your peers in the studio. But it is definitely way better than no practice at all and a great way to sneak in an extra class when the time for transportation is little and to try out new teachers from all over the world. Are you ready?


See you on the mat.

Julia, Founder and head teacher at Warrior Princess Yoga