It’s strange times that we’re living in, and with that, it’s nice to be able to revert to something which keeps us a bit grounded. Now, following my last blog I would personally of course prefer to do this outside, so it’s important to remind ourselves that once we’re heading out we avoid the usual places that most people tend to visit. A small grass field close to home, a garden or even a balcony could work – just keep in mind it’s all about looking at what would work for you, and not for everyone else as well.

Since we need to be social distancing it’s probably best to avoid jogging or cycling routes – you know, the routes everyone thinks of when they want to go out for exercise – and seek out something a tad more secluded. Seek out different routes, explore your neighborhood… for all you know, there might be a hidden gem for you to find (oh, and make sure to disinfect before and after heading out, and wear PPE if appropriate).

However, should you not have such a space available to you (or, you know, it’s simply not allowed to head out for non-essentials) then we have to work with what we have. It starts with finding a suitable spot in the house, and my personal pick would be an area that’s comfortable, well-ventilated (open up the windows!), and preferably also rarely frequented during the normal daily hustle and bustle.

Now, I know picking a place in your home that you haven’t seen that much is bordering on an exercise of futility at this point, but the reason I’m mentioning it is that working from home, we tend to spend quite some time in the same spot in the house. Having even the smallest change of scenery can work wonders, especially when the goal is to unwind… after all, it’s clearing up the mind which is most important here, and every little bit can help.

Another suggestion can be to actually do your asanas with someone else, either in person or through a video call. Both these options give you a chance to step out of your usual environment and have some much-needed interhuman interaction… because as humans, we crave contact with each other, so keeping it in our routine will make things more bearable in the long run.

So good luck, stay safe, and keep exercising!