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Yin yoga sets

What is Yin yoga?

Yin Yoga is known as a slow-paced style of yoga workout. Initially, it originates from traditional Chinese medicine and incorporates postures (asanas) which are held for a more extended period – 1 to 5 minutes.

The main aim of Yin Yoga is to improve blood circulation and to improve body flexibility.


Do you often do yin yoga or planning to try it out?

We designed a special Yin yoga bundle. The bundle consists of a Yoga mat, Bolster, Yoga strap, and Cork massage ball. All these products are made from natural materials.


Cork yoga mat

First of all, you need a yoga mat as a base for your Yin Yoga. Please check and choose the cork mat you would like to use for Yin Yoga. All our cork mats are made from high-quality materials – Natural cork and natural rubber.

The mat’s thickness is 4 mm, which will provide a considerable amount of cushioning during your exercise and lay firmly on the ground without the edges curling upward.

Besides, the cork as a material is very pleasant for the skin and will certainly let you enjoy your Yin Yoga throughout the whole process of practice. If you are curious to learn more about cork as a material used for yoga mats, then feel free to check “The history of cork and its use”.


Yoga bolster

During Yin Yoga practice, bolster helps to take away the stress from your bones and body and it will let you relax.

The bolster is a part of our Yin Yoga set, and it consists of 2 layers of material – an inner and outer layer. Both layers of the bolster are produced from organically grown cotton (GOTS certified) and colored by plant extracts.

The outer material comes in 7 colors, and you can choose the set you like based on your color preference. A long ribbon on top of the bolster is decorated with beautiful embroidery, reflecting our Asian roots.

The buckwheat we fill in-house in the Netherlands, to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible


Massage ball & Carry strap

The cork massage ball will serve as a perfect addition to your Yin Yoga practice. It will undoubtedly help you to relieve the pain the relax your muscles. It is made from 100% biodegradable cork produced in Portugal.

The cotton strap is part of the Yin Yoga bundle; you can use both for stretching exercises or carry your yoga mat.

To learn more about why to use yoga props during Yin yoga check out our article “5 reasons why to use yoga props”.