I am standing here on a field in the middle of the park, close to my house. Birds give their last concert, trees rustle in the wind and I notice that they limit the sounds of the daily city bustle to purely weak background noise.

It’s not just the ears that get their money’s worth; the different scents of this place make this both as pure and as complete an experience as possible. The grass, the flowers, the air … everything is alive, everything is clear and everything has enough stories to tell anyone who wants to listen. Or … smell.

This is exactly why I enjoy doing my exercises outdoors. It is a feast for the senses and takes us outside the normal daily activities. Even if you go to the same place over and over, nature can give you a different view from day to day… and this time it is not just a picture to look at. It is a photo that you can also hear, smell and, in case of a little rain, also feel.

Of course I will admit that not every day is so tempting to go out – just one look at the air outside from the comfort of our home is sometimes enough to throw a spanner in the works – but usually once I get out the door I immediately feel better. There are no walls or ceiling – nothing stops me. This change of scenery blows a fresh wind through my head, fully charging not only my body but also my mind.


So give it a go and get out there … maybe it’s that fresh breeze you’ve been looking for.