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Making the world more sustainable, one step at a time.

At Samarali we are all about making exciting sports products with the environment in mind. We use our customer feedback (that’s your feedback!) to actively change and evolve our products, constantly reminding ourselves that we’re not just doing it for ourselves but also for the planet that we’re living upon. This is what we aim to accomplish with Samarali – working together with you, our customers, to create the products you love, caring about the future we share!

Best regards, Samarali

Eco-friendly goods

High quality sustainable products which have a low impact on our environment

Customers first

Your feedback and input matters most to us

Oriental designs

Unique designs inspired by our Central Asian roots.

Healthy nutrition: more than just food

Healthy nutrition: more than just food

A lot has been discussed over the years about ways to maintain a healthy diet. Cutting carbs, forgoing on fat - everyone knows at least one example of something to try, only to return to later old patterns again. It doesn’t have to be very complicated though, as the...

The cork origin and why it is good for us

The cork origin and why it is good for us

THE HISTORY OF CORK Cork's history dates back to 60 million years ago, but cork only really started to have an impact in the 17th century, when Dom Pierre Perignon discovered that cork was an ideal solution for sealing its wines. This was the reason for the start of...

Yoga Outdoors

Yoga Outdoors

I am standing here on a field in the middle of the park, close to my house. Birds give their last concert, trees rustle in the wind and I notice that they limit the sounds of the daily city bustle to purely weak background noise. It's not just the ears that get their...

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