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Yoga is an ancient discipline, but be that as it may there is still a lot of speculation about the exact period it originated in.

According to information from the Indian Government’s Ministry of External Affairs, the earliest theory of yoga was developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India around 2,700 BC.

Despite its age, Yoga is more present than ever. Especially with the recent pandemic, many of us have taken up yoga for the first time (or simply started doing it more often).

This doesn’t seem surprising. Yoga requires very little gear and space in return for multiple benefits.

The physical advantage is probably more visible, but don’t get fooled by what you see, as the real power of the practice happens inward.

Yoga improves the quality of our lives


Medical science, neuroscience, genetics, psychology, and biology are teaching us the profound benefits of this discipline.

Many people turn to Yoga to deal with back pain, stress problems, muscle stiffness, anxiety, burn-out, or simply for a good stretching workout.

What Yoga gives in return is an improvement in the quality of our lives.

The more you practice, the more you will embody Yoga in all aspects of your lives – from how you walk, eat, and sleep, to interactions with yourselves and others.

When the Yoga practice goes beyond a form of exercise or stress management, it will transform into simply a way of being.

People like to do and talk about Yoga, but more than the talk we need to learn to listen to our bodies and minds, neglected for a long time.

Forget about effort and strain, and center your attention on that very delicate point, the back of the waist. If you are kind to your body, it will respond incredibly.

Why are we doing yoga?


Is it for your health? Is it because one of our friends or maybe the doctor recommended it? Or maybe you do it because it’s fashionable and everybody does it?

No, not really. There actually should not be any goal, aim, or purpose – sometimes it’s good to do things just because they’re fun, and yoga fits precisely in that category.

The time we spend practicing is a moment to celebrate our bodies, a mini-vacation for ourselves.

We feel more and more disconnected from our bodies and ourselves, so we can come to Yoga to feel whole, and come home.


Why do we practice yoga every day?


We tend to come to Yoga when we experience some sort of physical or mental illness.

As soon as we see improvements, we often allow our practice to drop off.

Instead, continuity, discipline, and perseverance are required, to prevent illness, and keep our minds and body in full health.


Practice is different every day because we are different every day. We cannot expect to feel energized and motivated all the time, but the only constant is that appointment with our mat.

It can be for a full hour of practice, or only 10 minutes of sun salutation, or maybe just a pranayama or meditation practice.

It doesn’t matter, as long as we dedicate that time, those breaths, and gentle movements to tune inward and let our body meet and become one with our mind.


 Do we need specific supplies to practice yoga?


The beauty of Yoga is its simplicity. You don’t need fancy equipment, running shoes, or high-tech gear. With a good mat and comfortable clothes, you are off to go.

 Why do you need a good mat for our practice?


No matter what style of yoga you are practicing, what they all have in common is the use of the yoga mat.

A quality mat is extremely important to help maintain your balance and keep the right posture.

Let’s not forget about the impact on the environment and the quality of the materials.

At Samarali we value

  • Functionality: our mats work well under both wet and dry conditions. They are comfortable and have a good grip.
  • Eco-friendliness: free of plastic that can be toxic to both ourselves and the world we live in. The top layer of our mats is made of cork, a natural material, while the bottom layer is made from natural rubber.
  • Value: even though more expensive than plastic mats, they are durable and last much longer.
  • Design: sturdy and easy to clean, we offer three different types of prints that make your mat unique and eye-catching.

Investing in a good mat is a choice to protect the environment and the new generations, and will make your practice fun and safe.


 What do we need to wear for a yoga class?


The emphasis is on comfort and not only on style. Looking for clothes for fitness made of a natural, breathable, and quality fabric?

Samarali is a big advocate of sustainability and has created an amazing range of pants, tops, and jumpsuits made from OEKO-Tex certified material.

Wearing leggings or looser-fit yoga pants is a personal choice. Both are available at Samarali.

A good bra needs to be supportive and comfortable. It’s also good to avoid any bra with fastenings at the back.

You’ll be spending time doing floor work and you don’t want to have anything digging into your back.

And if you want to keep everything in one place, then go for a very stylish and flexible jumpsuit. All are made in stretchy cotton and brightly colored.

Enter the world of Samarali to discover a sustainable experience of yoga mats, props, and apparel, made with the environment in mind.