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Moon eclipse yoga mat


Made from natural materials, this Moon Eclipse yoga mat will let you remain in balance with the environment. Sprouting from the earth, both layers of the mat find their origins in nature, branching out from the trees to your yoga exercise. Left with an unpainted finish it keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground, and the rubber under-layer makes sure the mat will stay where it should. The eye-catching cork top layer is made from the naturally renewable bark from the cork tree, harvested every 9 years to give us a naturally impermeable, water-resistant, and sustainable top layer.

The cork mat is known for its antimicrobial qualities, which means that it’s self-cleaning and prevents the growth of mold, bacteria, and odors. It has an excellent grip, especially when wet. Therefore, the mat is perfect for active and hot yoga. Due to its thickness and high density, it’s very safe and soft at the same time. The Yoga mat can be used by beginners or advanced yogis.

The carry strap (made of cotton) included in the package together with the Moon Eclipse yoga mat. It enables you to carry a yoga mat to any place you want without any hassle.

We are trying our best to improve our packaging of yoga mats. 99% of our packaging is made from renewable materials like paper and cardboard.


  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Dimentions: 183 x 61 x 0.4 cm (length x width x hight)
  • Accessories: carry strap (cotton)
  • Materials: Cork (top layer) and Rubber (bottom layer)
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ECO-FRIENDLY - Moon Eclipse yoga mat is dual-layer and both sides - the cork (biodegradable) and the rubber (recyclable) - are made of natural/organic materials, which makes it an ecological alternative for other types of synthetic mats. Besides, it’s breathable, soft, and very pleasant to the skin.

ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES – Moon Eclipse yoga mat has self-cleaning properties, meaning that it is anti-bacterial, rot-resistant and it perfectly handles sweat and odor, especially after intensive yoga exercises.

GRIP – the cork yoga mat gets grippier with the sweat and keeps it in this way during the whole process of exercise. Also, it has cushioning properties and absorbs pressure instead of displacing it. This makes your exercises even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions183 × 61 × 0.4 cm





soft on skin


Wat een heerlijke mat. Zijn prijs echt waard.
Erik de Boer

Top mat, Comfortable soft mat, good for all kinds of practice, beautiful design

Very satisfied with my purchase, the mat has a very good grip and doesn’t curl on the ground. I really like the eco friendly material it;s made of- looks and feels nice.

Optisch eine sehr schöne matte und sie fülht sich auch sehr angenehm an. Man hat bei den übungen einen guten Halt uns ist daher zu empfehlen.