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If you’re just starting with yoga, our cork yoga blocks will be of great assistance, providing exceptional stability and accessibility!



  • Size: 22.5 x 11,5 x 7.5 cm (length x width x height)
  • Quantity: (2 pieces)
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Made of the highest grade of cork;
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting;
  • Sturdiness of the blocks provides exceptional stability;
  • Rounded edges make them easier to grip;
  • Easy to carry around;
  • Anti-microbial properties for skin safety;
  • Easy to maintain
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Like with most things in life, sometimes you need a little pick-me-up to motivate and keep you going - yoga included. Of course, when you begin this practice, don’t expect to have ultimate zen master levels of stability right from the get-go.

Some poses will prove to be more challenging than others, and practice will eventually make perfect.

To bridge the gap though, we have designed a product that will surely help out in your yoga journey, making the practice twice as easy and more enjoyable. Allow us to introduce you to our incredible cork yoga blocks!

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 22,5 × 11,5 × 7,5 cm

Cork yoga blocks in bulk


100% Biodegradable

Kurk yogablokken


Zijwaartse buigpositie in yoga met kurk yogablock


Twee kurk yogablokken op het gras

Soft on skin

What Are Yoga Blocks?

Yoga blocks are rectangular yoga props, typically made from foam, but as more companies are turning to a more sustainable approach, cork is quickly becoming the norm.

The blocks have rounded edges, making them easy to grip and providing accessibility and stability.

Interestingly enough, cork yoga blocks are not a novelty!

Props such as these have been used for centuries, but yoga blocks became popular in the late 20th century when yogis started practicing Iyengar yoga which accents proper form and alignment.


How To Use Yoga Blocks?

Although yoga props are designed to assist beginner yogis, that doesn’t mean that more experienced practitioners are limited from using them.

Namely, cork yoga blocks help stabilize poses, thus making them more accessible to people with different body types and yoga levels.


Kurk yogablokken
Achterwaartse band met ondersteuning voor yogablok van kurk

Furthermore, they can also be used to deepen stretches and other more complex poses.

For instance, because of said support, cork yoga blocks make supported backbends and bridge poses much easier to do – and these are just a few of them!



As previously mentioned, most yoga blocks are made out of form. However, since the material isn’t the friendliest on the skin and is not the most durable, that doesn’t comply with our mission.

Therefore, at Samarali, we’ve designed our yoga blocks from cork, which is friendlier toward the environment.

Additionally, the cork yoga blocks contain anti-microbial properties and don’t feature chemicals, latex, or PVC, so they’re very kind to the body.

Finally, these blocks are sturdy and slip-resistant due to the cork, meaning they won’t move out of place no matter how complex the asanas get.

How Do We Contribute To The Environment?

At Samarali, customer satisfaction and consciousness of the environment are of utmost priority.

That said, our products are made with sustainable materials and ethical work principles… and our cork yoga blocks are no exception.

For one, the cork used for their production is of the highest grade, adding to the experience and durability.

Additionally, the added anti-microbial properties ensure the blocks last a lifetime, so you needn’t worry about their durability.

With that in mind, if you need a “helping hand” that will provide assistance and stability in your yoga journey, consider our premium, long-lasting cork yoga blocks!

Twee kurk yogablokken op het gras