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Yoga is all about connecting with our surroundings and mother nature. Using all-natural materials helps us be more grounded and stay true to the teachings we receive with our Yoga instruction.

Eco-friendly – There are no artificial products here. Only a natural top layer, biodegradable cork layer, recyclable rubber bottom layer and lasered print. No PVC, paint, or other potentially dangerous compounds, such as lead, are in these mats or any of our products.

Perfect for hot yoga – This cork yoga mat is a natural cork product that is water-resistant and gets grippier the more you sweat. This built-in anti-slip function with the cork yoga mat will help build the confidence you need to advance your yoga training.


  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 183 x 61 x 0.4 cm (length x width x height)
  • Accessories: carry strap (cotton)
  • Materials: Cork (top layer) and Rubber (bottom layer)
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The cork material is naturally self-cleaning. So all that sweat from a yoga session won’t start to build up and cause odors with long-term usage. In addition, the cleaning also helps to prevent bacterial buildup.



As the packaging matters to us as much as the final product, all our products are paper wrapped and shipped in paper-based packaging.

Since we aim to minimize our carbon footprint, we constantly look for solutions to bring us to a carbon-neutral state. We, therefore, encourage you not to throw anything into the trash; everything is perfectly recyclable.

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Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 183 × 61 × 0,4 cm

Cotton strap + e-book (via QR code)





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Female exercising yoga on cork yoga mat in the park

Natural components of the cork yoga mat

If you’re going to experience all the benefits of yoga, you want to make sure the items you use are as natural as possible.

This is because so many people eventually realize that there’s a connection between yoga and the natural elements of our world as they continue along their journey.

However, they don’t realize that the cork yoga mat they might be using contains artificial materials.

Manufacturers make standard yoga mats from PVC or other mixes that can even include lead! We only produce our products from natural materials, such as this cork yoga mat… and this has numerous benefits.

This cork yoga mat helps you with your exercises while connecting with the earth. Both layers of the yoga mat are entirely made with natural materials to be able to offer the support needed.

The top layer is pure cork, and it has an underlayer of rubber to help enhance the spring in the steps and improve comfort.

This feature also allows you to provide a firm foundation with the ground. Therefore you don’t have to worry about slipping, and you can just focus on ensuring you’re in the right pose.


Sustainable and practical

There are no added adjustments or unnecessary colorants on these cork-based yoga mats, which aligns with the natural feel…

Female sitting on cork yoga mat

Not only is this completely natural, but it’s also one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats out there.

It’s made with the top layer of the cork tree’s bark, one of the most renewable resources out there. So as well as it being super sustainable, it also has natural water resistance to it.

In fact, the hotter your yoga and the more you sweat, the grippier it gets. All in all, this makes it the best yoga mat for hot yoga.

Speaking of hot yoga and all that sweat, many yoga mats can sometimes become a bit stale with usage. This cork yoga mat is the exception.

It has self-cleaning built into it just as mother nature intended, preventing the growth of those unseemly odors and related bacteria. It’ll also help to avoid mold forming on the yoga mat.