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Find some relief to those aching muscles after an intense workout or long sitting hours at your desk with our cork massage ball.

  • Perfect for getting into those tough-to-reach places and pinpointing specific trigger points
  • A massage ball is Ideal for waking up your muscles, increasing blood flow, and speeding up recovery.
  • This ball can massage and relax practically any part of your body.
  • It can easily target pain points and provide a deep tissue massage where you need it most.



  • Diameter : 7,5 cm
  • Weight: 50 gram
  • Material: Cork
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The cork massage ball can also be used in combination with a Yin Yoga practice to release muscular and fascia knots in the neck, upper and lower back, and buttocks.

With continuous usage of this cork massage ball, you will learn to release tension, pain, and emotional energy stored in the body. Using the cork massage ball makes relaxing easier than you might think.

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 7,5 cm


100% Biodegradable

Relieves pain


Soft on skin

Why use a massage ball?

“Knots” or “trigger points” can be massive sources of pain in our bodies, and using self-massage techniques can be very satisfying.

Adding a trigger point massage ball into your fitness routine can bring many benefits, like tackling plantar fasciitis or increasing flexibility and blood circulation.

Massage balls are affordable and small enough to fit into a suitcase or handbag wherever you go. You can keep it at your desk as a reminder to take a break and release built-up muscle tension from poor posture or stress.

You can use it before a workout to help activate your muscles or after to help the recovery of the stiff muscles.

You can use them almost anywhere, for example, against a wall, on the back of a chair, or on the floor.

It will take you only a few minutes out of the day to get some relief and relax.

How to Use Massage Ball

Using a massage ball is very easy; you need to roll the ball across the muscles in which you feel the tension.

Doing this increases blood flow to that area, improves circulation, and helps remove any pain and stiffness.

The major benefit comes from applying the tool over the trigger points. When a specific area of the muscle feels like there’s a ‘knot’ and pressure is applied, you feel pain in a different part of your body.

Muscle knots can happen to anyone because they’re caused by injury, using your muscles too much or too little, and poor posture.

The point of trigger point therapy is releasing or softening a muscle knot to reduce the knot pain and associated pain.

This release happens by applying various levels of pressure to muscle knots and then stretching the affected areas through a complete range of motion.

You know you found a knot when you experience a sort of “good pain.”

Once you have located the trigger point, stop moving the ball and hold it on that point for a few seconds before continuing with massaging the muscle.

If you’re only looking for a light massage, you can also roll the ball over the area with your hand. Massage balls are very versatile and can be adapted to fit your needs quickly.


Cork: a wonder material

Samarali massage balls are made from recycled cork. They are light and easy to carry with you anywhere, at your office or during your vacation.

The cork surface is pleasant to touch and provides enough grip and stability. Moreover, it is sweat-absorbent, anti-bacterial, and super light.

The cork material is one of the most eco-friendly on the market nowadays.

The cork of our massage balls is from Portugal. Cork is an entirely renewable material that comes from the bark of a Cork Oak tree; it is harvested by peeling the bark off the trees so they never have to be cut down.

After the cork is removed, the tree rejuvenates its bark that regrows every 8 -14 years over its 200-year lifespan – a completely sustainable process.

Cork bark rejuvenation absorbs CO2 from the air, leaving zero toxic or chemical remains, and is bio-degradable, which means it can be composted, keeping your product out of landfills.

Sustainable in all stages

It is not just the end product that matters. A product has different stages in its production which involve various stakeholders.

People bring energy and care to that product. To us, it is fundamental that each step follows our values and ethics.

The packaging, too, has an enormous impact on sustainability and matters to us as the final product.

All our products are paper wrapped and shipped in paper-based packaging.

Since we aim to minimize our carbon footprint, we constantly look for solutions to bring us to a carbon-neutral state.

We, therefore, encourage you not to throw anything into the trash; everything is perfectly recyclable.