Plastic has become ubiquitous in our lives. Whether we’re talking about food packaging, medical equipment, fashion, or fishing nets, most of the plastic used ends up in landfills or the sea, contaminating nature and our immediate surroundings.


Some Shocking Statistics:

    • In 2016, the amount of plastic produced globally reached 396 million metric tons – equal to 53 kilograms of plastic per person. This affects not only the environment but our health as well.
    • The packaging sector is responsible for nearly half of all the plastic currently being produced.
    • Plastic can take up to 1000 years to degrade, and at this point, more than 75% is sent to landfills or the ocean, while only 9% gets recycled.
    • There are about 100,000 marine animals that die every year from getting entangled in plastic waste (bear in mind, the number given is just the animals that are found).
    • Because of plastic waste being so ubiquitous, it’s estimated we currently ingest one credit card’s worth of plastic every week.

Our Responsibility

Certainly, plastic is advantageous in almost every area of our daily life and in nearly all industries. It definitely makes our life easier and more comfortable.

However, the consequences of its use undoubtedly pollute everything around us – the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

So time to step up to the plate. The practical side of the plastic problem has to be addressed, and the good thing is that each of us can be part of the solution.

Instead of looking over to others to solve this issue, there are many different little things that we can do ourselves in our daily lives to help things improve. It starts with the choices we make every day and new habits we start.

Top 6 Tips To Avoid The Usage Of Plastic

Are you up for taking the first step? Then here some tips which can help you with a quick start:

    1. Going shopping? Come prepared! Bring your own bag, preferably one made from linen or cotton. Reusable bags make a huge difference wherever you go;
    2. Clean up after yourself! If you decide to go for a picnic, to the beach, or anywhere else, take your trash with you;
    3. No more single-use! If you can use it only once, it’s better not to use it at all.
    4. Create a checklist of products that you need when you go for shopping to avoid possible waste from not using;
    5. Avoid the purchase of products, goods, food, or drinks with plastic packaging or wrapping as much as possible.
    6. Using a reusable water bottle to drink from is a good start!

What We Do And Plan To Do At Samarali To Reduce The Usage Of Plastic

At Samarali we also try to make a difference by reducing our carbon footprint.

All our products are produced from natural materials, and the packaging is 99% paper-based. However, we realize that it is not enough, and we are committed to working hard to get everything free from plastics.

Check our SHOP to familiarize yourself with the products we offer. All our yoga and meditation gear is sent in paper-based packaging.

Besides, we constantly learn and constantly looking for possibilities to further improve and upgrade our products.