While it may be ironic, being a yoga instructor can be a very stressful job.

There are all kinds of aspects of the profession that you need to consider before jumping head-first into the deep waters, and many people don’t seem to do that nowadays.

As a yoga instructor, you will need to teach your students how to disconnect and reconnect, be rooted in the moment, and give in to all the feelings and thoughts that overwhelm them, allowing everything to flow through them.

So when you face some difficulties with a specific individual in your classes, you may start secretly worrying about everything.

You got into the yoga business to make people happy, calm, and joyous, but now it starts to feel like you are struggling and not getting the desired result.

At this point, you might even start thinking that this wasn’t the best choice for you.

Instead of going down the rabbit hole, allow us to immediately give you a way out – online yoga classes.

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Feng shui rules to cleanse your yoga space

When you are in this business, especially if you are new, there are a few things you should consider doing to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

The market nowadays is oversaturated with all kinds of services that can help you alleviate stress and promote longevity, so what can you do to make yourself more visible?


Why yoga classes online?

The answer is simple – since that dreadful year of 2020, people had nowhere to go but online.

That created a massive shift in human behavior, and many people have adapted to living an online lifestyle – from shopping for groceries, clothes, and household items to learning whatever they want.

Everything is happening online nowadays.

Three years later, and the Internet is going full speed ahead. Among all the things that moved online, being a yoga instructor was one of the more popular choices.

There was a lot of built-up stress, and people turned to yoga online to calm themselves down. That resulted in many instructors appearing out of thin air.

If you take a closer look, you may notice that even though many are available at your fingertips, only a few are popular.


How to beat the odds?

You need to consider two things when you want to start with online yoga classes.

First, you should give your yogis the freedom they need. That means they should be able to connect on their own time, not adjust to your time.

Second, you need to think about creating a global audience (the Internet is universal, remember?) and create an online community.

Now, many people who are inexperienced in this niche immediately give up after reading this, but we are here to guide you through the process.

If you abide by it, it will put you in charge and help you focus on the most important thing – your students.

A group of people practicing yoga breathing

The best way to launch online yoga classes

Creating an online studio is pretty much the same as creating a studio where people should show up and get their workouts.

It is safe to say that teaching yoga online has many benefits and allows you to upgrade as you grow.

Take a look at the simple steps below on how to create the perfect yoga classes online.


1. Decide what you want and start working on it

When you are creating your yoga online practice, you need to decide the model you are about to follow.

Are you going to offer an ultimate guide for beginners with an approach to both wellness and mindfulness?

Do you educate your yogis on how to create their unique flow, or do you only cater to busy business people?

After deciding what you want, it is time to start creating your videos. Do a few trial runs until you find a style that suits you the most.

Teaching on camera can be tricky, so remember that this part may take you a little longer to master.


2. Create the online yoga studio website

This is a no-brainer – if you are designer-savvy, then you should have no issue creating it yourself.

Otherwise, browse the Internet for some ideas, and always focus on user experience – the site should be easy to navigate through.

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Feng shui elements

3. Let them know what you offer

Once the yoga classes online are up and running, create a few offers (various memberships) for people.

You can choose an unpaid plan where you insert adverts before or after the video, you can make monthly/yearly membership fees, or you can charge your users per video.


4. Build a community

The best way to generate buzz around your online yoga classes is to refer people to your site and offer a free trial.

Create an incredibly gentle sales message for people who are still on the fence about joining.

By doing so, you get to generate a decent online community and teach yoga your way.

5. Consider props

When it comes to yoga, you need many things when you are filming your videos.

Remember that, at the end of the day, people are attracted to what pleases them visually and to being a part of a cultural group higher in the social hierarchy.

It means elevating their experience. When you film the videos, let them know what kind of products you use – our yoga mats and blocks, jumpsuits, and bolsters are the perfect brand for promoting happiness and sustainability.

Let them know where to find these products and why they are useful.

For those who are always on the go, you can even suggest our yoga mat carry bag – a practical item allowing you to carry your mat anywhere easily (and comfortably!).

After you’ve taken a proper look into what it takes to start teaching online yoga classes, it is time to equip yourself with the best goods – head over to the shop and choose everything you need.

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