Organic Cotton Bolster Covers


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If you want to buy a yoga bolster but have your own filling, we have the perfect solution. We’re just launching our collection of bolster covers for those who already have a filling material.. From sustainability to diversity to maxim user convenience, there are so many benefits of our yoga bolsters you simply need to try!


  • Dimensions: 66 cm x 20 cm (length x diameter);
  • Not filled with buckwheat or other fillings. So, it’s for you to decide what to use as a filling. In case you want to fill them with buckwheat look at this page;
  • 2 layers of Yoga bolster – outer and inner;
  • Produced from Organic cotton fabric (GOTS certified);
  • Easy maintenance. When the cover/-s gets dirty you can easily wash the cover/-s in a washing machine 30 Degrees in a delicate regime.
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Yoga is a powerful practice that promotes mindfulness and physical well-being. Everyone can start doing it with the right attitude and a yoga mat.

However, more experienced practitioners often use a few accessories to improve the experience. From yoga blocks and massage balls to yoga bolsters, these items help you take your practice to the next level

Additional information

Weight 3,9 kg
Dimensions 66 × 20 × 20 cm

Chateau grey, Forest Green, Ivory, Denim Blue, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red


Ideal for Meditation and Relaxation

Yin Yoga

Perfect for deep stretching

100% Organic cotton

Ethically produced

Beautiful embroidery

The Ultimate Yoga Support Pillar

Yoga bolsters are one of the best accessories for several reasons. For one, they offer maximum support and enhance your practice.

They are similar to a cushion but have a more elongated shape. This allows you to use them in all kinds of asanas, as well as to relax after exercising.

Discover the characteristics of our yoga bolster covers down below!


1. Diversity of colors

Our covers come in 10 different colors, so you can choose the one you like best. This also helps you find the one that best matches your yoga space aesthetics.

It is especially important if you’re trying to arrange it according to the Feng Shui principles.

2. Organic Materials

Our bolster covers are made from 100% Organic cotton and are GOTS-certified.

We are fully committed to our sustainability goal. That’s why we ensure the products we sell meet the highest standards.


3. Unit content

Each unit consists of an inner and outer pillow cover. You can use the inner one to create your bolster cushion by filling it with buckwheat or another suitable material.

Then, you can protect it using the outer cover, making it easier to wash afterward.

  • Working toward sustainability

By choosing organic cotton in our product manufacturing process, we are one step closer to our sustainability vision.

The products we produce also come in a recyclable package. This will make it easier for you to dispose of them after unpacking the product.

Another reason our covers are convenient is that we don’t sell them in bundles. Instead, we decided to offer each one of them separately.

This makes them ideal for both those who want to buy one as well as those who want to purchase several at once.

Just keep in mind that the package consists of covers only. If you’re interested in getting a bolster filled with buckwheat, you can either purchase it from our shop or fill one on your own.

From diversity to convenience, there are quite a few reasons why our bolster covers are a wise purchase.

Just choose the color you like best and let it add a vibrant touch to your yoga experience!

Use and Care

The outer and inner fabric of yoga bolsters contains strong zippers that will last longer than standard ones.

The zipper of the bolster is long enough to make it easy to remove the outer cover for cleaning and put it back when required without damaging the fabric.

The inner cushion also comes with a zipper, so the amount of buckwheat hulls can be adjusted to your preference.

Our bolsters are easy to carry anywhere due to their portable handle at the front of the cushion.

To Wash: remove the outer pillow. Machine wash at cold temperatures with similar colors. Do not tumble dry. Warm iron.