Zafu And Zabuton Set With A Lotus Round Pillow


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If you are considering purchasing our Zafu and Zabuton set, here’s an overlook that will surely sway your mind!

  • The meditation set is compact and comes in numerous colours, suitable for every home.
  • The Zabuton provides comfort to your legs, hips, and ankles, while the Zafu keeps your posture in check.
  • The pillow is adjustable to your height and preference for the ultimate comfort.
  • The Zafu and Zabuton set is completely made of sustainable materials and can be recycled after it’s worn off.
  • Care is almost effortless – wash the covers in cold water, up to 30 degrees in the washing machine.
  • The two layers of fabric of the Zafu and Zabuton set are produced from 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified
  • The cushions are filled with ecological buckwheat and the filling of the Zabuton mats is made from recycled wool and other fabric leftovers gathered from different factories and recycled to give the product another life.
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At Samarali, one of our primary goals is to provide outstanding comfort and care with our products to people who engage in restorative practices – ultimately heading toward a journey of peace and self-awareness.

From premium clothing and accessories to various yoga and meditation sets, we take great pride in making your efforts easier and more serene.

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Weight 3,12 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 5 cm

Chateau grey, Ivory, Denim Blue, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red







The use of the Zafu and Zabuton set in restorative practices

If you’re here, you already know the importance of meditation. This restorative practice can be done practically anywhere, providing a sense of tranquility and making you more centered.

However, sometimes life just takes a toll, and your mind simply cannot stop running. In said cases, meditation can be hard to do, especially if you don’t have a dedicated space for it.

For that matter, we are here to offer a game-changer that will make the practice a breeze, even if your mind is racing on its own – the Zafu and Zabuton set.

This meditation set consists of our best-seller Zabuton mat along with our Lotus round pillows. It is ideal for doing seated meditation, as it offers unparalleled comfort and promotes a handful of benefits while you’re doing it.

As you’re probably aware, Sukhasana is the standard pose for this practice; however, the nature of our bodies, more precisely – how we move, is unique.

Mainly, our hips and joints rotate differently, so sitting in one position for an extended period may cause discomfort for some, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. This is where our Zafu and Zabuton set will be of assistance.

The benefits of using a meditation set

The Zabuton mat provides support and extra comfort to the legs. Your ankles and knees will specifically benefit, as these are the parts that can get very stiff when sitting cross-legged.

Although the effects of the mat are visible from day one, you’ll find the most comfort when paired with our premium Zafu pillow. It elevates your hips even further, helping you retain your upright posture without feeling tense.

Being completely at ease is of utmost importance when it comes to meditation, and our Zabuton and Zafu set will provide just that!

Aside from being extremely practical, our meditation set is highly fashionable and will fit in all homes.

It comes in a variety of colours, from soft neutrals to eye-catching vibrant, adding a statement to your room.

Additionally, the set can be moved and stored anywhere due to its compact size.

What the Zafu and Zabuton set is made of

Lastly, at Samarali, we value sustainability and make great efforts to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as possible.

While our meditation cushions are filled with ecological buckwheat hulls, our Zafu and Zabuton set is entirely made from recyclable materials – such as cutouts and end bits of fabric gathered from textile factories in India.

Because we don’t want more waste, we have devoted our products to follow a sustainable route, thus, instead of these fabrics being thrown on the field, they are being used for bringing bliss and comfy support while on your meditation journey.

The fabric of this set is made from organic cotton and certified by GOTS, taking note of the humane production, not only for the environment but for the people who made it as well.

After you’ve enjoyed the meditation set until the point it gets worn out (which will probably take forever!), we encourage you to recycle it, as the materials can be repurposed.