Do you ever have those days where your back and shoulders hurt so much you practically want to tear them off your body?

Of course, you know the main culprit – slouching at a desk for hours on end daily can only get you so far.

You’ve probably also tried some of those heavily promoted desk stretches. However, none seem to hit the spot the way you want them to.

In turn, this leaves you desperate for a relieving solution – and we’ve got just the thing!

Many people that have tried yoga, especially office workers who spend hours at a desk, swear on the benefits of yoga!

This restorative practice not only provides relief to your entire body, but the peace and mindfulness that accompanies it greatly reduce your stress levels, especially when things get hectic at work.

Therefore, we are bringing you a set of 7 yoga poses specifically designed to eliminate that nasty ache in your back.

By incorporating these easy yoga poses into your daily routine, that uncomfortable chair won’t pose that much of a problem!

Restorative yoga with cushions and bolsters
Cat-Cow yoga pose

Yoga Poses For Back Pain

The lower back is usually the body part affected most by prolonged sitting, along with shoulder stiffness and neck pain.

Therefore, to alleviate the discomfort altogether, incorporate these back-relaxing yoga poses.


1. Cat-Cow yoga pose

Although it’s one of the simplest yoga poses, its benefits are truly second to none! The Cat-Cow pose fully mobilizes the spine, however, it also provides relief on your neck, shoulders, and torso.

It’s quite simple to do – Lay down on your knees, place your palms on the floor, and if you can, stand on your tippy toes.

Arch your back toward the ceiling as you inhale, and then arch it down as you exhale, forming a U-shape in your lower spine. Do this 3-5 times or until the lower back feels fully relaxed.

Naturally, for this yoga pose, you will need a soft mat for comfort on your knees and stability.

That said, check out our Cork Yoga Mat, made from eco-friendly materials, which is also self-cleaning!

2. Downward-Facing Dog

Another classic of yoga poses for beginners, providing exceptional back pain relief.

In addition, it also stretches the entire body and also promotes muscle strength, which is especially beneficial for people who lift heavy things frequently.

To do a downward-facing dog, stand on your hand and knees, with the former just slightly in front of the shoulders.

Pushing your back toward the ceiling, raise your knees from the floor and keep your tailbone up.

If you want that extra push, you can try lifting your heels off the floor or pushing one leg up if you’re feeling extra tense.

Hold this pose for about 5-10 breaths, and then you can go back to Child’s Pose.

Downward-Facing Dog yoga pose
Pigeon Pose yoga

3. Pigeon Pose

Numerous yoga poses relax the hips, but none does it like the Pigeon Pose. Although you may not be aware of it, a lot of the tension from your back travels down to the hips, making them extremely stiff.

Therefore, the key to a relaxed, pain-free back is eased-up hips.

While you’re in a Downward-facing dog, draw one knee toward the elbow while the other remains completely extended.

Next, you will take the elevated leg closer to your hip, forming a triangular shape, and gently sink down to the floors with your back extended. Hold 5-10 breaths, then switch to the other leg.

Sometimes your knees might pose a problem, but not if you have our wonderful Yoga Blocks!

You can place one block under the knee if you’re feeling discomfort in this position, and they can be used for various other yoga poses as well!

4. Upward Forward Bend

The beauty of an upward forward bend is that it can be practically done anywhere, even in the office!

In fact, these stretching yoga poses are ideal for the office – you just need to have a small dedicated space and a yoga mat, and you’re set!

The name says it all – to do an upward forward plank, stand straight with your feet close.

Start by raising your arms in a V-formation and slowly go forward, reaching for the ankles.

Of course, this might be an advanced yoga pose for some, as most of us might not be flexible enough to reach them.

With that in mind, as low as you can, as long as you’re not pushing yourself – if you only reach your knees, that’s perfectly fine!

women practicing Lion’s breath (Simhasana)
Upward-Facing Dog yoga pose

5. Upward-Facing Dog

Compared to the Downward-facing dog, this yoga pose for lower back pain also stretches the entire body, especially the abdominals.

It can be the perfect end to your yoga routine right before you go into Savasana.

From Child’s Pose, place your palms at the end of your yoga mat and slowly bring yourself up, fully extending the spine and frontal abdominal muscles.

You’ll also feel a slight extension in the legs and arms as well since this pose stretches the entire body.

As always, do this for about 5-10 breaths, bring your feet where your hands were, and go into Corpse Pose.

If you have pointy hips, laying down on the floor might not be most comfortable – but not if you have a pillow wedge!

This yoga accessory is specially designed for people who need extra support on their hips and legs, keeping your spine straight through the entire session.

6. Bridge Pose

You’ve probably done the Bridge Pose all the time when you were a child – little did you know that it is one of the best yoga poses to stretch hips.

So, whenever your desk is making your back feel incredibly painful, take a step back into your childhood!

To do a Bridge, lie down on the floor with your knees bent and heels drawn to your sitting bones. The arms should rest alongside you, with palms facing the ceiling.

Then, gently push your tailbone up, making a triangular formation with your body.

Stay in this position for about a minute, then go back slowly, easing your spine gently to the floor.

Bridge Pose yoga
Bridge Pose yoga

7. Child’s Pose

We’ve mentioned it times and times again throughout this blog post, but how could we not?

Child’s Pose is considered a favorite amongst many yogis, no matter their experience. Apart from that, it’s one of the best-stretching yoga poses!

Bring your knees to the floor, slightly separated from each other, raise your arms up, and slowly bring them to the floor.

Push forward with every exhale, keeping your spine fully extended. Stay in this pose for as long as you want, as its relaxing properties are truly unmatched.

If you need help reaching that one sore spot that won’t let up, maybe our Massage Ball will help!

Like the yoga mat, it’s completely made from sustainable materials, perfect for targeting those hard-to-reach places!

With these yoga poses, aches from working long hours at the desk will be a thing of the past!

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